Replacement Parts, Inc. is made up of corporate staff and several different companies who employs over 1,200 employees, in seven (7) states, working at approximately 180 locations, all operating in the aftermarket auto parts, paint and heavy duty parts business (“the aftermarket”). After close to 100 years in business, we compete with national companies such as NAPA, Parts Plus, O’Reilly, CarQuest, AutoZone, and other locally owned parts stores in our business areas in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

Our Company is a private corporation owned by private stakeholders. For many years, our Company has functioned primarily as a family business. As much as possible, we continue to operate with a family spirit, the success of which can be seen in the many employees who have spent the majority of their working lives with our “Bumper to Bumper” family.